This is my story. This is a story of a simple CSE student from a below average college, becoming capable to gain confidence of doing something meaningful in life. People say stories are fake, but for few minutes let’s think that stories can be true. Yeah, this is a real life story. Alright so let’s get started.

Note :- In this story I will tell you how my life changed within 5 months and how lucky I am. So, this story will be a little bit of longer. But I feel it will help others to get motivated. …

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Each & every company providing online services has so much data of their customers. But how they are protecting those data ? Keep on reading this article to know how AI is helping them to achieve this…

Data Protection :

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Today's world is all about DevOps tools & technologies. But why? Stick with me in this Blog to know the actual power of these automation tools because I will demonstrate — How we can set up K8s multi-node cluster & NFS server on AWS EC2 Instances and then deploy WordPress & MySQL Pods on that, But everything we will do using Ansible Roles.

Micro Services:

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In today's world, all Big Companies have millions of users & their billions of Data. But ever think of — How these companies are storing these Huge amount of data daily. Let's see what tools they are using & how we can also setup these tools on our own…

Big Data :

Mostly we run our servers or tasks inside Docker Container, but ever imagined — we can even launch GUI applications inside Docker Container & can access them from the Docker Host system. Stick with me till the end of this blog to learn the basics of Docker & how to achieve this fantastic practical…

Docker :

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Let's analyze the case study of BOSE, one of the greatest company for Audio products & try to understand How BOSE is utilizing the power of Kubernetes to boost up their Deployments for their IoT Products…

WHY Kubernetes :

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Ever think of — Why in today's technical world “Learning multiple technologies & integrating them is important for an Engineer ”? Or, What you can do, when you have the knowledge & skills to work on AWS, Ansible & Kubernetes? Let's try to find out these answers…

Why multiple technologies?

Created by Raktim

When I first started learning one of the most demanding Automation Tool — Ansible, I found it so much useful and interesting. But after deep dive the question came —

“What if Ansible Controller Node fail ?” then how you can maintain your Managed Nodes.

Answer of this question is very much simple. Use Ansible Tower, because there are lots of facilities it provides on top of Ansible. In this article I gonna discuss about those benefits with some practical examples. 🙌

What is Ansible :

Created by Raktim

Let's both find out why in today's world these Voice Assistants are so smart and what kind of technologies these popular companies like Google, Amazon, Apple etc. are using behind these smart applications…

Introduction :

Created by Raktim

Let’s learn how to work on AWS using AWS CLI along with Windows advanced shell scripting — PowerShell and JSON Parsing.

This article will help you to learn the basics of the AWS Command Line Interface. Also, we gonna learn how to work on Windows PowerShell and JSON Parser. Then we will integrate these things to create one Automation Script which will help us to provide some resources on AWS. Let's start one by one…


Raktim Midya

Technical Content Writer || Exploring modern tools & technologies under the domains — AI, CC, DevOps, Big Data, Full Stack etc.

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